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Passionate about underpants?

I attended the eCommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing Virtual 2020 marketing digital event this week, to get away from my CPD refresher course studying after writing 18 x 20 page assignments in two weeks. It was weird to go to an exhibition where I’m not on a stand high on caffeine and tottering around in heels like back in the day.

One of the presentations I loved was by Oddballs on ‘How apparel brand OddBalls drives nearly 40% of their revenue growth through email marketing’. Francine and Robyn explained their fun approach to their email marketing campaigns, and the use of real life proud wearers of Oddballs smalls in photos.

It was a refreshing change to hear lively forward thinking people talking pants to me, but making good business sense! I was very impressed with the community they have built up with customers and their high engagement rates from their email campaigns. Fabulous they have a female brand too, and interesting that they segment by style, explaining that we are all “creatures of habit” when it comes to the cut of our drawers. I added Klaviyo to my toolkit for a rainy day too as their platform and tools look very impressive, so it was a good day virtually out in a bottomless pit, thanks!