Gifted Children’s Information Centre

Website: Gifted Children’s Information Centre

I did this website over 10 years ago using Dreamweaver and HTML but recently gave it a WordPress makeover in a few hours with fresh images and a new colour scheme.

The client simply wanted a low-budget WordPress free standard template and ‘Personal’ account, so it includes external adverts. He also did not want online ordering but a very old-school PDF print and “cheque in the post” to purchase the specialist books.

The original images for the books were scanned with the original website build, so by now are low resolution but still readable enough to show their value.

The website is a testament to the owner’s professional service, who has a lifetime of testimonials and satisfied clients, but these can wait until the book is published. On this occasion, it was kept basic and simple enough for anyone to understand.

I agree that “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, the customer is always right, and if they want a no-frills simple place to call home then I’m happy to do that.

The activities for this website were :

  • Set up in WordPress and copy old content over into new CSS pages
  • Source, edit, and install a new header image that best depicts an alert Gifted Child and their thought process
  • Arrange Domain Name registration and Domain mapping/DNS settings
  • Use Client’s images and set them out appropriately in the pages
  • Create simple carousel and galleries
  • Create a basic contact page with an email address

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