Cambridge Grand Challenges

Project: Build a website for Cambridge Grand Challenges, and produce video content. Develop communication channels and build awareness with partners and internal stakeholder teams.

Unlike typical University of Cambridge websites aimed at students and academics, this website project gave me a chance to demonstrate how to target towards and write in a more centric language style to appeal to three audiences.

Website: Cambridge Grand Challenges

My project plan consisted of:

  • Infrastructure – Setting up a hosting plan and adminstrative access rights
  • Discovery – Questions: goals, target market, user journey etc
  • Gather and edit content. Select keywords and phrases for SEO
  • Create site map – Dependabilities, perceived user journey route through the site
  • Plan: Select and install website theme look/feel and navigation – visualise, create and create an identity
  • Ensure all text content and media assets to be used are available in a dedicated folder
  • Build: Create menu and draft pages with image block placeholders and initial text
  • Curate – Source media (Images, videos, documents etc) to be used and edit in Photoshop/Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Create and Produce: Review and write page content for SEO. Add in links, alt tags and test for Yoast SEO readability scores
  • Content Management: Author and write leads in for approximately 30 x Blog posts based on Student Case Study answers to questions text. Rearrange into storybook journey flow and easy read
  • Transcribe Video into text using Otter and write for good SEO
  • Videos – Produce 11 Videos from raw footage, convert to mp4’s and stylise for web audience. Fit to placeholders to show Student Q and A’s and emphasis on benefits.
  • Post Production: Proof read and user journey testing
  • Audit – Watch through and check continuity and flow
  • Launch Pad: – Sign Off project
  • Change DNS settings to point to Primary Domain live site
  • Domain Mapping from test to live site
  • Go Live: Prepare ‘hero’ launch imagery and text and share with associated signs and colleagues to build awareness
  • Digital Media Communications calendar – Prepare launch calendar with Web and Social Media publishing dates and content to be used etc
  • Maintain: Set up Analytics, site verifications, promotions, Google tags etc.
  • Train: Handover project templates and train users how to edit content
  • Follow-up: Ensure customer is satisfied and work as a consultant if required

Associated work– Stage 2 of work as retained contractor

  • Authoring Blog Posts, curating appropriate images and publishing/sharing
  • Writing LinkedIn Posts, curating imagery and adding appropriate tags to gain awareness
  • Design and produce three ‘Best Practice guidance‘ brochures, for students, partners and supervisors
  • Google page one organic ranking for selected keywords via analysis of traffic, content and use of SEO tools – Achieved
  • Build communication channels with Industrial, Government and Charitable sector partners to contribute and share content

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