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Passionate about underpants?

I attended eCommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing Virtual 2020 this week, to get away from my CPD refresher course studying after writing 18 x 20 page assignments in two weeks. It was weird to go to an exhibition where I’m not on a stand high on caffeine and tottering around in heels like back … Continue reading Passionate about underpants?

Amazon’s plonk and run

Remember when the sound of the letterbox made you run down the stairs in anticipation, only to find it was someone trying to hit their physical junk mail quota by posting something you are never going to need or use? I still get similar email stuff that I probably signed up to when I was … Continue reading Amazon’s plonk and run

Finding my Digital voice again

…more about me… In the beginning I taught myself HTML and CSS, building websites for friends and myself in various entertainment areas. I had originally professionally trained as a Buyer and worked in Purchasing, which to this day I still enjoy and like. Then I discovered Marketing, jumped ship, and did my CIM Diploma in 9 months. … Continue reading Finding my Digital voice again

About Me

Hi, I’m Emma. I love writing and have been blogging in one ID or another for over 20 years. If you include letter writing as a child it’s my whole life. I used to love poetry and wanted to be a journalist when I was at school. Somehow I fell into “Marketing” and I’m still here.

This is my blog, so I will tell it like it is using my own thoughts and feelings just like I always have. If you are my boss or a business person wanting to work with me then of course I can serve up pretty much anything just how you like it. If I can be myself I’m more inclined to want to stay.

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