I remember my boss saying “Business is easy, it’s people who make it difficult”.

To me, it’s about asking people what they want and making it for them just how they like it. Enough to make them want to tell their friends we listened, acted, and are great people to do business with. It’s like when you go to your favorite coffee shop and your loving Barista makes it just how you like it every time.

What do I “Do”?

I “do” MARKETING. I believe everything starts with it and everything else is because of it.

I do PURCHASING because without it being done well there is nothing to sell and not enough choice.

Every role, job title, software, and system can be learned. Marketing and Purchasing theory can be taught, but good economic decisions can’t. They are about our choices, bravery, and decisions in a moment that determine where we end up. It’s the same as in our personal life, except we are usually playing with somebody else’s money and future.

How I Like To Learn and WORK WITH YOU

Everyone has a preferred learning style. I discovered that when I was training as a part-time Further Education teacher for CIM and CIPS students. Mine is ‘learning by doing’. I like to see it, throw myself in the deep end, and work it out for myself.

I hate reading storybooks and once had to be forced to read. They were too slow and never gave me enough I could see, identify with, or use. Internet research is easier because I know what I want to ask and where to look. Longtail is a Godsend, thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm change in 2013. However, I still choose the movie over the book every time!

I never liked being “talked at” for an hour in a presentation. Just give me an overview, the bullet points, and where to find the data and I will do the research. Using techniques such as Kipling’s 5 Why’s and being given a clear brief is enough to get me started. Oh, and an open door if I need to improvise and want some help and a quick decision.

My early Purchasing and Supply career started close to the shop floor, working with Kanban and Kaizen and a Japanese manufacturer, so this is how I learn best. By learning new skills by actually watching and doing, and making small calculated low-risk choices that didn’t always work out the first time, I learned to make the higher value decisions that mattered and had the most impact.

On TRuST AND Empowerment

I was once in a Marketing business team as a Buyer that reached the final of a national Markstrat simulation competition in Central London. We made the right choices with fake money, but they still had to be calculated and strategic. When I was empowered for the first time in a job, I was asked “what would you do if it was your money?”. That stuck with me and is one of the most inspiring things I’ve been asked in a job. That was when it hit me that I had to care. If I’m not given that trust and my heart isn’t it in like it’s my own money, then I’m not doing “Marketing”.

Image of Emma's skills to help Digital Marketing companies as a team member. It shows Emma's personality profile to help clients and employers understand her working style
This is my personality and culture fit profile from November 2020, with credit and thanks to Good&Co: Culture-Fit Assessments for Employers & Careers | Good&Co

For those who believe in the accuracy of stars and personality profiles, I’m an ENTJ on the Myers Briggs scale, like two of my role models Charlize Theron and Beatrix Kiddo!

“ENTJs are seldom content in a job that makes no demand on intuition. They need problems to solve and are likely to be expert at finding new solutions.”

Isabel Briggs Myers, Gifts Differing

My professional career profile is on LinkedIn if you are a member and want an idea of some of the roles I’ve had.

If you can spare another 3 minutes and want to know how it feels in my own words, go ahead and make that coffee just how you like it, and read on!…..