What Do I “Do”?

I do MARKETING. I believe everything starts with it and everything else is because of it. Without Marketing there is nothing to Purchase. Every role, job title, software and system can be learnt. Theory can be taught, but Marketing or Purchasing decisions can’t. These are about our judgement, bravery, choices and decisions at a moment in time that determine where we end up. It’s the same as in our personal life, except that in our working life we are playing with somebody else’s money and future.

I remember my boss saying “Business is easy, it’s people who make it difficult”. To me, it’s about asking people what they want and making it for them just how they like it. Enough to make them want to tell their friends we listened, acted, and are great people to do business with. It’s like when you go to your favorite coffee shop and your loving Barista makes it just how you like it every time.

My ‘learning by doing’ experiences where I threw myself in the deep end, gained me wide rounded experience across a whole business, so I never live in a territorial silo. By making small calculated low risk choices that didn’t always work out first time I learned to make the the higher value decisions that mattered and had most impact.

I was once in a Marketing team that made it to the final of a national Markstrat simulation competition in Central London. We made the right choices with fake money, but they still had to be calculated and strategic. When I was fully empowerment for the first time in a job, I was asked “what would you do if it was your money?”. That stuck with me and is one of the most inspiring things I’ve been asked in a job. That was when it hit me that I had to care. If I’m not given that trust and my heart isn’t it in like it’s my own money then I’m not doing “Marketing”. I want to do Marketing for you….but I can also do Purchasing. It depends on the challenge and what I’m actually going to be doing, rather than the job title.

So, what am I like to work with, and which environments am I happiest in? See my Personality and Culture fit profile

MY Version of events

My professional career profile is on LinkedIn if you are a member and want a basic idea of who I’ve worked for and some of the roles I’ve had. If you’ve got another 3 minutes and want to know how it feels in my own words, go on, make that coffee just how you like it, and read on!…..