I’m Emma, a freelance contract full services marketer based in Cambridgeshire, UK. I’m here to help with your Marketing project, Website, Social Media, ‘blank sheet’ Market and SEO keyword research, or Strategic plans. I am professionally qualified in Marketing (MCIM, DipM), Purchasing (MCIPS), and Digital and Social Media.

I’ve worked in private and public sector jobs, on web and digital media assignments, and on my own digital media campaigns and promotions in the entertainment industry. Because of this, I have a wide appreciation of different markets and customer behaviour. But as Marketers, we know this can all change in a second so I’m continually refreshing my skills to keep up and stay current.

I always take a holistic approach so I’ve never enjoyed working in a silo. Instead, I prefer to work across teams and divides to help create a single vision brand identity that speaks to customers in an integrated way.


  • Gens up on Gen Z, baby boomer online shoppers, and the future role for AI. There will come a time when I want to use it to make a case for change
  • Quickly tunes in to a social media channel tone of voice and the fit with the product’s voice
  • Analyses customer experience data to identify any changes to the “mix” to match their real-time needs and expectations
  • Loves being in the thick of the customer action in the front line, but is not afraid to do the deep-diving administrative and number crunching jobs first. These are the gems that explain where we have come from, what worked and what didn’t, and what we need to do next and why

Some people might think they want a “consultant”, but that feels too remote and I prefer to be more hands-on. I like to be more actively involved in helping a team to help themselves in a project. Because when we achieve success together I like to feel I left something of myself out there that made a bit of a difference.

That’s me and THIS is what I love to do in my day job, and sometimes in my spare time too. I hope I can do it for you so let’s talk!

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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”

Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

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